to dwell on dreams

In response to a recent post by parapluie, yes.  During the crunch week of finals and school finishing up, there are countless things I wish I had time to do.  Such as:

  • reading the whole Shakespearean ‘Henriad:’ Richard II, Henry IV, Parts I-II and Henry V
  • enjoying the lovely weather by spending a day in Boston
  • baking delicious cupcakes with meticulous care
  • watching the Ian McKellen DVDs I checked out
  • blogging more
  • gaining a basic understanding of philosophy
  • becoming an expert in evensong
  • collage-ing
  • writing snail mail to friends
  • listening to the ever-expanding playlist of new music
  • practicing piano for fun

I did, however, finally start Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox.  It’s addicting, which is actually great.

Slight side note: Don’t read the back covers of books, or the mini descriptions on the author’s website.  They actually ruin it a bit. :(

Although, this Gnommish Two-Way Translator is pretty sweet.

Picture 2


2 thoughts on “to dwell on dreams

  1. Artemis? I didn’t like that series, but it’s nice you do! :) I read up to the fourth one and stopped.

    I’m getting back into Bill Bryson- have you read anything by him?

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