the road to minimalism

here it is: i’ve decided to go minimalist.

i’ve been reading minimalist blogs lately, and the ideas others have suggested made me so happy and made my mind so clear that it seems like a logical choice for me to join in.

without putting a label on it, i’ve always been a bit of a minimalist at heart. when i was little my favourite activity was listening to harry potter on audio and cleaning out my desk drawers. i’ve moved so many times that i have a better appreciation for the value of stuff – i can tell what i need and what i don’t.

right now i’m packing to go to to university abroad, and reading about people who can survive on so little things makes me view packing in a different light. at first i worried about fitting everything into just three bags. now i’m evaluating each item to see what i need. it’s a calming feeling to know that everything you own is useful, necessary, and special.

my packing strategy: fill a large heavy suitcase with bulky but light items (e.g.  floor rugs, fluffy bathrobe). fill large lighter suitcase with heavy things and liquids (e.g. hair products and lush lotions, coats, most of my clothes). fill carry-on suitcase with heaviest and most important items (e.g. books, digital camera, chartreuse, and moose). i’m planning on living in mostly dresses (i packed two pairs of jeans and a handful of tops), but concentrated more on outerwear, given the weather. so a versatile selection of coats, scarves, hats, and gloves. also, tights and jewelry for variety.

the most important parts of my time abroad will be my experiences, the people i meet, and the knowledge i gain. having the right stuff in just the right quantity will keep me happy and prevent me from being distracted over, well, things.

look how cute it is! i would be able to work so well in a simple, yet chic, room like this.



celebratory cupcakes

these are from a while ago, when i got my university acceptance. my thoughtful family knew just the perfect way to celebrate.

my sister even made me dodgy cupcake cupcakes! :)

look around

for several days i have had trouble posting because i am anticipating being in a beautiful city with lots of images to capture and adventures to pursue. what i haven’t appreciated enough is where i am now. yesterday i walked around the town of concord a bit and took a tour of the orchard house, home of the alcotts. i did not realize that the family, particularly transcendentalist bronson alcott, was so close with emerson and thoreau, who were also inhabitants of concord. this information brought back memories of reading their writing for the first time. emerson’s writing on nature and the ‘fad of traveling.’ thoreau’s two-year retreat to walden pond. there is art, beauty, and inspiration everywhere we look. sometimes on a late summer day the best thing to do is to step outside and look around.

(from a neighbourhood down the street from me where i often take walks)

what i wore on a card

i have been meaning to inventory my closet. i started a spreadsheet, which was quite exciting at first because numbers allows me to put pictures into spreadsheets. but apparently the pictures also slowed it down a lot, so that became stressful. my new system is quirky, old fashioned, and me. i’m devoting an index card to each article of clothing and marking the dates i wear each on the back.

so here’s what i wore today!

and this is my inventory box:

on my birthday

(which was a couple of months ago, but i like to keep photos tucked away for a long time before rediscovering them near midnight and realizing it might make a nice post)

i got some presents

tori made me a swan

the puppy was photogenic as usual

we used napkins that are still leftover from my first birthday party

and plates from anthropologie

my family surprised me with oreo cookie ice cream cake

and i got a sillyband kangaroo!

being inspired

i’ve spent the past few days mostly, well, asleep, so forcing myself to wake up and get back into my routine was difficult. i turned to my usual remedies:

  • look at magazines and tear out pages that inspire me
  • listen to mika. his new album came out last september, so i always associate it with the freshness of this month
  • go to cath kidston’s website and dream
  • go on a nice bike ride with jane, while the weather allows, and breathe in the breeze
  • make lists, cross things off lists, and reorganize

it isn’t much, but it makes me happy :)