i’m so excited!

what’s your favourite state of mind? mine is when i’m excited. i love being excited to start a new project or to be in a new city or to be generally having a great time.

it’s been a slow couple of days at home, hearing about friends having adventures in exotic places, reading about the a.b.s.e. (absolute best summer ever). i realized though, why can’t i have the a.b.s.e.? it’s really only up to me.

and just as smiling makes me happier, telling myself that i’m excited also makes me excited – isn’t that strange? – so now i’m inspired to find something about which to be excited.

i started a summer playlist, which includes white houses by vanessa carlton, a song that i associate with summer and excitement.


more than this, whatever it is

today there was a massive thunderstorm out of the blue. it started without rain, then it poured. my instinct said, ‘take pictures!’*

* from indoors of course

if i had a million dollars…

i was thinking, what would i actually do if money were never an issue? here’s what came to mind:

  • i would see more plays and concerts
  • i would donate to local theatre companies
  • i would donate to the wwf
  • i would support local artists and fashion designers
  • and alright, mainstream designers too (why does it seem incredibly selfish to buy something from chanel, for instance? can anyone recommend me a book about the economics of the fashion industry? i think it would be really interesting)
  • i would buy books and donate them to kids (and grown ups) who can’t afford books
  • i would travel and see the world

what would you do?

flouncy in florals

this is my most comfortable dress, because i love how it looks and i love how it feels. it also wasn’t too expensive, which is an important factor, because i don’t have to be overly careful with it (i’m still careful though ;).

hat, urban outfitters | handbag, paper plane (aspire) | shirt, duke & duchess (lf) | dress, fire (nordstroms) }| belt, my mom’s | shoes, moda (dsw)

thanks to ian for photographing me :) i’m hoping to post more frequently this summer – we’ll see!

in a pretty little dress

graduation was a couple of weeks ago, and with it came many lovely images.

my ‘tuesday lunch crew,’ jj, [me], tori, & ian

tori & julia (my sister)

my mom surprised me with a lovely lunch of bite-sized appetizers and tasty desserts back at home.

treats from whole foods.

beautiful flowers, inspired by paper flower creations from an event earlier in the week.

finally, my dress, a personalized design by my friend, fashion designer laura zwanziger. mrkt heels.

with miss laura herself, who is also wearing on of her originals.

modern classy country chic

is sort of the style i’ve created for my bedroom re-design. i really love the english country look (like laura ashley) but also victorian elegance, but the two didn’t mesh (i may go for victorian when i spiff up my bathroom). i also already have a nice white and red colour scheme just as a result of liking those colours and migrating towards those things without intention. so we’ll see how it goes.

as for inspiration, i always look to the crown & crumpet tea room. i also toodled around google and found making arrangements, a lovely little blog of beautiful things.

also, here is my outfit from a couple weeks ago:

jacket, shirt, urban outfitters | jeans, pac sun | boots, necklace top shop | purse, h&m