pretty little things

i love taking pictures of things with my iphone. if i want something in a store, instead of buying it, i photograph it, and remind myself to go back to get it if i still like it enough. here are some books i’ve photographed lately:

i love flipping through books from which i can learn little things in a very leisurely way. i recently received in the mail ‘the teen vogue handbook,’ a guide to the fashion industry, and i purchased ‘visual aid: you can never know too much stuff,’ a little book of random facts presented as images. when i don’t have time to read a book cover to cover, it’s nice to be able to gain a lot from just a page or two.


to die upon a kiss

on wednesday i saw actors’ shakespeare project’s othello. for me, it is always a treat to see actors performing shakespeare, especially after just finishing working on twelfth night, and especially when the actors are so passionate and precise.

my love for this production grew even more after attending othello conversations, a discussion with the actors, director, and two english professors. i love being a part of the audience for such an event because the intensity is so present – i can feel everyone thinking, listening, trying to understand so intently. this electricity, caused by the nature of the conversation itself, was heightened by the three performances that split up the discussion. every word spoken by the actors was precious, and i could feel the audience’s alertness, catching each one. the dimming lights transported the audience into the world of the play, but as discussion unfolded the dimness represented more the world of poetry than that of cypress as we spoke of shakespeare’s world and our own interchangeably.
i left conversations with my head still buzzing with thoughts, jumping into and out of the minds of different characters, admiring the wonder that these words in this tight-knit tragedy from shakespeare are still relevant, urgent today.

hello friend!!

today i went grocery shopping at h-mart. koreans never fail to impress with their packaging systems and cuteness:

this is the container for jellies; it also doubles as a piggy bank.

cute little peppers…

cute little sauce dishes…

cute little soup spoons…

cute little bowls.

when i was little, i was obsessed with spottie dottie. i still use my 2nd grade spottie dottie backpack for biking (i even used it today!).

i was also obsessed with thomas, although that was at a younger age. i wish i still had those trains, but i think that they were given away.

even the gift shop cashier sign has a cuddly friend!

i love the fancy cakes at tous les jours, the cake shop in the food court-esque area.

cake with fruit on top. so delicious. so beautiful.

and the breads!

it is better to be at leisure than to do nothing

spring break officially starts tomorrow afternoon!
i’m not going anywhere and i don’t have massive amounts of work to do, so i have had such a blast constructing my own way to spend my time.

here are some of my projects:

  • paint the yellow walls in my room white
  • find some geek glasses
  • go climbing at the indoor gym with tori
  • visit the orchard house (louisa may alcott’s home)
  • research and possibly purchase a new digital camera
  • apply to summer shakespeare programs

and the rest of my time will be spent reading books, watching films, and attending plays. can’t wait!

this is my interpretation

my monthly new years resolution update!

1. postpone certain procrastinatory activities until homework is complete

i still haven’t mastered this, but the cycles are working. a couple of weeks ago i worked hard towards splitting up long-term assignments, but when everything comes up at once this becomes harder.

2. find more breakfast food options

eeeh…i did make devilled eggs. i need more practice with that. also, apples with peanut butter is better than apples alone, i think.

3. expand my cooking repertoire

still haven’t made anything but fajitas…perhaps carrot cake this week, but that’s baking, which isn’t as much of a problem for me.

4. distribute holiday presents/cards in a timely manner

valentines day card-making was a delightful success.

5. come up with some sort of exercise routine

now that the weather is nicer i can bike again! that’s really my favourite form of exercise as long as the temperature agrees.

6. budget my spending

the new philosophy is to only buy what is necessary. i love this suggestion from one of my favourite sites, smart, pretty, and awkward:

How to be Prettier: Thinning out your closet is one of the fastest ways to become more stylish. The more clothes I have in my closet, the less creative I tend to be with my outfits.

inspiring! and it does work.

7. read 50 new books <— this is my main one

see my progress on the 2010 reading tab!

8. see 10 plays

i saw ‘the brothers grimm spectaculathon’ and ‘an evening with nick and jane’ at school. and i was in two plays, but i’m not counting those. spring break is coming up, and i’m planning on seeing lots more.

9. watch 43 movies

I watched the fascinating documentary ‘Man on Wire,’ re-saw one of my favourite classics, ‘Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging,’ wondered what all the hype about ‘Sixteen Candles’ ever was, became intrigued by ‘(500) Days of Summer,’ and just got back from Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

10. get training in shakespearean acting

still applying for summer programs…

11. visit 10 museums/aquariums/historic sites

we went back to the museum of science, and my latin class had a field trip to the mfa.

12. consistently put nerdfighter notes in john green books at bookstores

i admit to being lazy about this lately, although i have been getting more responses from people who have received my notes, which makes me very happy!

13. post on my blog more regularly

i’ve decided to post every tuesday and thursday, and i’ve been sticking to it so far!

14. attend 10 concerts

i haven’t made any progress on this one.

15. reread through the potter series

hopefully i’ll get through a lot more over spring break.

this is the book that i use to document my resolutions:

we were both young when i first saw you

all in all, over the years, i haven’t changed much. i still enjoy climbing things, as i did when i was quite small, i still wear hairbows like the ones i did in preschool, and i still love to direct plays as i did in kindergarten. one of the examples of these long-lived passions is my penguin collection.

here is a small sample:

little penguin

waddles and little waddles



one of these days i would like to make nice photographs of all of my Friends and put them in an album :)

matching dress and bloomers set, gymboree :)

we’re given paradise but only for a day

i started taking a photography class in january, which has been exciting because hopefully it will lead to an improvement in the pictures i share here on my blog. i’ve finally made digital copies – we process and print film in the dark room – and here they are! (my sister took the ones of me).

a stand outside a lovely used book shop in boston

this is me twirling!

me on a snowy snowy day