leaving on a jet plane

i’m on holiday now, but i do have a bit of time to post, so i’ll share with you some travel tips i jotted down on the plane:

  • Fill your water bottle before going to the airport. I carry a nalgene nearly everywhere i go and it’s easy to use on the plane because the flight attendants will fill it for you. but before you arrive, fill it up and drink it before going through security because airplane air is dry and dehydrating.
  • Wear your heaviest or bulkiest shoes on the plane. It saves space and weight in your suitcase.
  • In your carry on, only pack a few things you want to do or need to do. I used to overpack and bring a ton of things with which to occupy myself and I would end up using only one or two of them. so now i only bring a book or two and my computer and i’m all set!

i’m taking lots of photos that will be shared here soon! :)


packing is pretty

this morning i packed my bags for a family trip to san francisco. i laid out my outfit on the floor as i pieced it together, and glancing down, i realized that i had created a lovely image that i wanted to photograph.

my airplane outfit for tomorrow:

hat, forever 21 | dress, loehman’s | tights, top shop | boots, nordstrom – miz mooz

i stack my shirts together, then fold them all at once to avoid wrinkles. i’ve researched the art of packing and picked up lots of tips that way :)

lace top, lf – duke & duchess | striped top, j crew

my open empty suitcase (liz claiborne), against my bookshelf.

food glorious food!

i love eating at restaurants and cooking and trying new foods. i also love food presentation, so i often photograph the dishes in front of me, and only now did it occur to me that i should share them here!

island hopper: best crab rangoons i’ve ever had.

sel de la ter: lime panna cotta. surprisingly delicious for one who prefers sugars and chocolates in dessert!

sweet cupcakes: red, white, & you. one of my favourites at sweet cupcakes! in general they give a bit more frosting than i need to satisfy my frosting urges, but the filling in this particular flavour is quite delicious.

urban outfitters back to school = perfect

this is what i think of as dodgy’s personal lookbook – a collection of magazine cutouts of style inspiration, beauty tutorials, and fashion wishlists.

here are a couple of pages devoted to urban outfitter’s autumn 2010 collection, which excited me very much (click images for larger versions).

the right page is (if this is not blatantly obvious) a new louis vuitton ad from i think teen vogue. i love their fall 2010 collection by marc jacobs as well.

the outfit challenge

my lovely friend tori and i had to style ourselves and each other at a couple of stores. i love the results:


me by me

tori by tori

dress chosen by tori

dress chosen by me

free people:

me by me

i think that this outfit looks better without the jacket (which was too large anyway), and with the leggings that i wore to the store, but according to the rules of the game i had to wear pieces from the store)

me by tori

tori by me

i felt like clashing colours

i tried pairing my new skirt with black tees, but it was far too predictable. i have been wanting to wear both the new shirt and skirt for a while, so i ended up mashing them together.

amba on britain’s next top model was complaining about how the other girls stole her pose, so i decided to steal it too…

fedora, tights, urban outfitters | top, pins & needles (urban outfitters) | skirt, lily white (nordstroms) | shoes, atmosphere (primark)

google is my homepage

every once in a while i reorganize my widgets and reset my homepage, and this morning i went bag to classic google.

a new image of great britain as my header each time i refresh adds delight to my day, and i could play with those penguins and turtles for hours.

i’m also trying to be more informed, so i’m using my homepage to track cnn and the new york times. i also added the leaky cauldron, instyle, rolling stone and the new york times fashion & style gadgets for my own entertainment, and ‘facts’ to learn new things. what’s on your homepage?