stories from the nerd herd

i recently finished an addictive anthology of short stories called geektastic, edited by holly black and cecil castellucci. it’s like a collection of little reminders that there are other geeks out there thinking and living the same geekish dreams as i am.

for the week that i was reading the book, i looked like this pretty much all the time (although i did change my outfit daily, as you can imagine :)).

bow, small shop in newton | dress, lace skirt, korean store in fairfax | sweater top, gap


it’s christmastime in the city

obviously, it is not christmastime in the city, as it is mid-january. that was a month ago. but i just found these images from when my family went to dinner in boston one december eve and thought that i would share them before the snow leaves the ground (there is lots of it now, and apparently more to come).

this is faneuil hall, all lit up.

there were lights on the trees too, although much less yellow in person.

this isn’t focused enough to be considered an ‘outfit shot’ per se, but i’ll give details anyway:

knit hat, h&m | black corduroy trench, anthropologie | lace leggings, h&m | legwarmers, white sling bag, primark | rain boots, nordstroms

you’d be mad to try and rob it

My lovely friend Tori gave me a Christmas present.

This is a generally awesome present for a Harry Potter fan, but it also completes a small part of me. You see, when I was 9, I bought this book:

It’s very funny to read now because it was released just after Warner Brothers announced that they would be making a movie out of the Potter books, so there were a few pages devoted to speculation about the movies. There are also pages in the book section with question marks over the covers, because only books one through four had been released.

I went through the book and circled all of the things that I owned. At the time I did own a Gringotts bank, which I still use today – I fill it up with spare change and empty it on my birthday to receive $30-40 worth of coins – but my bank wasn’t pictured in the book, so I had to circle this one instead:

Although I loved my own Gringotts bank very much, I secretly wanted this one instead because I liked how it displayed Harry’s vault in the chambers of Gringotts.

So now, thanks to Tori, my childhood dream has been fulfilled, and now I have not one, but TWO lovely Gringottses, so I can safely say that I am one up on Diagon Alley (although I still possess no Flouish and Blotts, so I think that maybe we’re even now).

Here are my two Gringotts banks. I use the new one for pounds and the old one for American coins :)

sugar sugar

i promised to explain how i had baked ‘several cakes,’ and here they are:

yes, i made a periodic table made out of cupcakes. it was a christmas present for ian, and twas quite fun to make. the boxes are custom-created too :)