make way for the ducklings

there seem to be many ducks and geese around, in particular, families of them.

this is georgina. she lives in the garden and likes my toms.


introducing the culture diary

i like to read books and watch films and attend plays and listen to albums [complete albums, in order, from start to finish in one sitting]. now i have a place where i record what i read, watch, and hear. simple. visual. comprehensive. i hope you enjoy.

i met kate nash.

kate nash is one of my heroes. i bought her album from hmv the day before i left oxford in 2008 because i’d vaguely heard of her and the album art was cute. i knew that she was british and i knew that it would be cool of me to own the british version of that album.

of the stack of random cds i bought that day hers stuck the most. her music is so candid, so relaxed, so incredibly me and everything i wish were me. her songs were the ones i would find myself frantically finding in my oversized itunes library when i was in a particular mood because the lyrics were so simply real and the dotty melodies are forever my friends.

and yet the lovely kate nash is so humble that in person, with her shy smile and un-glamorous road-to-success story (“it probably started when i broke my foot.”), she fooled me into momentarily believing that she was just your average girl with big dreams and a lot of luck. her story started with a series of rejection letters from drama schools and a trip to the cinema solo, further evidence that she is my more fashionable more british twin. in the middle of her speech she interrupted herself to say – “god i say ‘um’ a lot, that’s really annoying!”.

but when she picked up that guitar and started to sing “i hate seagulls” about a meter in front of me and the room filled with that charming little voice that respects end consonants and could be a conversation with that friend who has the most enviably angelic voice, i knew — this girl is a true rock star. sure she’s had her ups and downs along the way and she just tells it like it is with a shrug, but she also has that star quality, that well-practiced talent, and that stern regard for herself as she is. that makes her uniquely real.

i have to force myself to stop clapping when the rest of the audience does and eleanor and i giggle our way back to college. i miss my guitar more than ever and am energized to just create, because miss nash has that contagious glow that assures me what i’m doing is right and cool and worthy of sharing, because it’s just life and just life is what sticks.

(by the way her website is phenomenal).