those magical milestones

when i was in kindergarten, my favourite movie was grease. i loved the music and i loved the story, even though i probably didn’t completely understand it.

perhaps because of my childhood of constantly watching the characters in grease i developed an unrealistic idea of how old people actually are. perhaps because olivia newton john was 29 playing an 18 year-old i’m just 11 years off. at least that’s what i’ve been telling myself.

but for every major milestone, i haven’t felt ready. i mean in one sense i feel ready to explore the world beyond what’s expected of my years, but it doesn’t feel natural when i reach certain points: graduating from high school for instance.

for years i see ‘gifts for grads’ on the front table at barnes & noble and it triggers an emotion of intimidation and excitement: some people are going to college, or graduate school – some people will wear that title, some older and magically in-a-different-place people.

as i have at so many other points of my life, i now take a step back and say ‘wait, that’s it?’ it seems so anticlimactic and too easy. i don’t feel like one of those deserving people whom i pictured receiving the gifts for grads. it’s just another day, another event, and its importance isn’t going to change me just by existing.

as i pass more and more of these milestones i’m starting to realize that nothing just happens. no matter how eloquent a speech, melodious a song, awesome a party, it can’t be moving unless you let yourself be moved.

on another note, today i discovered that kerrin – style icon, fashion blogger, and classmate – has the same camera as I have.

i quickly captured this image, but i call it a success when the ‘enhance’ button on iphoto doesn’t change a single setting :)


where have i been?

yes, it’s been a while. the strange thing is, i either post consistently twice a week or not at all. there isn’t really a compromise, i guess because i need to build up the flow. well let’s try again.

i’ve never mentioned this here before, i don’t think, but i love to play the sims 3. maybe it’s my urge for control of productivity compelling me to create characters and master their perfectly planned lives.

i’ve also become involved in the online sims community, and am currently working on the baby boomer challenge for carl’s sims 3 guide.

the challenge is basically to raise as many sim babies as possible and to have them achieve a certain criteria of achievement.

this is my mother sim (bernice) returning from the hospital. i find it so cute that when a sim has twins the hospital provides a carrying basket for the journey home.

it was strategic for me to have separate rooms for all of the children so that their crying wouldn’t bother the others.

here are the adorable twin boys helping each other with some tricky homework problems.