and i’ll follow you into the dark

the title is a song that is stuck in my head for some reason. i’m listening to taylor swift to drown it out, which is probably not a good idea because then i’ll get that stuck in my head…

this will be a short outfit post as i am exhausted from play week! it will be over saturday, but then i’ll be in full twelfth night mode for wednesday.

headband, darjeeling sparkles | cardigan, forever 21 | shirt, anthropologie | skirt, h&m | tights, boots, topshop


time goes by so slowly for those who wait

i have heard many say things along the lines of ‘if only I had more hours in the day…’ and at first i empathized. upon further consideration, however, i found the wish silly. two more hours in the day is staying up until 2am. in the context of a lifetime, a day is insignificant.

during the week, i strive to not waste a minute. i rush to the library after devouring lunch in a minimal amount of time, eager to use the remaining time of my 50-minute lunch period most effectively. when i arrive home around 6:30, i must make the most of the hours to complete the rest of my work. when there is so much to do, i maximize productivity, and it gets done.
when i have only one task to do in an entire day, however, it does not get done, or it gets pushed to the last minute. isn’t that funny?

five minutes crawls when they are the last in a class before the weekend, but they race when they are the last in a timed test. five minutes in a weekend is forgettable, but in a weekday they are invaluable.

days seem stressful, deadlines looming at the end of the evening, but at the end of the day, it’s just another end of another day. there will be many more days and many more deadlines – the cycle doesn’t seem to end. so why wait to do the things you want to do someday, when you have time? you always have time. best spend it the way you want to now.

i most experience timelessness on hiking trips. here are some photos of a trip i took with outdoor adventure a few years ago. the calming mountains, the pouring streams, and the lack of cell phone reception and other reminders of the outside world clear my mind.

it’s love, it’s not santa claus

for valentine’s day, mom, julia, and i were going to watch valentine’s day. i’ve never been a huge fan of the holiday, but i could use a nice romantic comedy every now and then.

we should have known, but it was all sold out once we got to the theatre. instead we went to bj’s and bought ‘(500) days of summer’ to watch instead. i also bought ‘the hunger games’ and ‘three cups of tea’ and my mom got me the bbc versions of ‘jane eyre’ and ‘middlemarch’ as a present. i love the bargains at that place.

i took away a lot from ‘(500) days of summer,’ from retro-chic fashion inspiration to thought-provoking questions of love and life.

perhaps this is annoying, or perhaps i’m being lazy, but i don’t want to go into more detail because i really hope that you will see the film and have your own experience without my biases kicking in. if you have seen it, then let’s discuss :)

in other news, i’ve decided to re-decorate my bedroom. this summer (or perhaps this spring?) i’ll be painting most of the walls back to white, leaving two parts light pink, and changing a bold red wall to a deeper shade of scarlet. i’m trying to eliminate clutter, and i’m a bit stuck on how to effectively display my cd collection. i’m hesitant about putting the discs away in neat little boxes because i do want to show the cases, but i also don’t want it to be too messy. any ideas?

p.s. desperately searching for inspiration regarding the cd-organizing matter, i flipped through pages of an old p.b. teen catalogue. for some reason, there is lots of food pictured, particularly plates of delicious looking cookies. that combined with the header for this blog has made me quite hungry.

born to be forever

‘practice makes perfect,’ they sometimes say. they being that generic group of people who say things. i caught myself quoting this quip not long ago, and i quickly corrected myself. ‘no it doesn’t, actually,’ i reflected.

certainly sometimes practice can lead to perfection, but often ‘perfection’ is unreachable, and rightfully so, causing us to strive for some unobtainable ideal, and in doing so pushing ourselves and others farther.

ian came up with a mathematical response to the expression ‘practice makes perfect’ with which i quite agree:

lost in a february song

hello! happy february! it’s been a month now, so i’ve decided to revisit my new year’s resolutions to check in on my progress:

1. postpone certain procrastinatory activities until homework is complete

i’ve been trying a new method that i call the ‘cycle method’ – i star tasks that absolutely must be completed and do a bit of each, rotating through the list. at the end of each cycle is something more fun that still needs to be done (like writing this blog post, or cleaning a section of my room). it seems to be working so far!

2. find more breakfast food options

i’m making a list, and possibly a weekly calendar. my greatest new find is quesadillas, or anything in a wrap form.

3. expand my cooking repertoire

ian and i made fajitas…

4. distribute holiday presents/cards in a timely manner

so far i’m two for two. let the valentines day card-making challenge begin!

5. come up with some sort of exercise routine

i’ve done nearly nothing with this so far. i just walk more quickly sometimes. small steps (but actually large steps, literally…).

6. give myself a weekly allowance of $10

this didn’t work. i went into debt too quickly to feed myself and so forth…instead i’ve been keeping a detailed spreadsheet of my purchases and hopefully i’ll come up with a better plan from there. trying to work on the tight budget for a couple of weeks did make me quite mindful of what i need verses what i want, and that did help.

7. read 50 new books <— this is my main one

see my progress on the 2010 reading tab :) also, i completed 21 days of reading for pleasure every day, with the help of a brilliant site called habitforge.

8. see 10 plays

none yet. but i’m seeing the student-directed play this week!

9. watch 43 movies

i saw ‘sherlock holmes,’ ‘fever pitch,’ ‘hamlet 2,’ ‘the princess and the frog,’ and ‘he’s just not that into you.’ pretty good for movie-shy me.

10. get training in shakespearean acting

i’m working on applying to some summer programs. i’m also in a play now, and although not shakespearean, it’s great to get feedback from a director and to sit in on other actors’ rehearsals to watch them develop.

11. visit 10 museums/aquariums/historic sites

i saw harry potter: the exhibition at the museum of boston!

12. consistently put nerdfighter notes in john green books at bookstores

i’ve left several at some barnes & nobles around the area and i even got a response from someone! it was really sweet.

13. post on my blog more regularly

i’m really trying to post at least once a week and to make up for the weeks that i don’t!

14. attend 10 concerts

i’ve been to two school concerts so far: jazz, blues, & percussion and the voice recital. i also performed in/attended a concert by the nec prep school called ‘today’s youth perform today’s music.’

15. reread through the potter series

i’m still at the beginning of sorcerer’s stone, but i did start!