trip no further, pretty sweeting

the title doesn’t have anything to do with this post, just that it’s from a lovely song that i’ve become obsessed with today (because i love classical music and shakespeare and quilter.  yes, i can drop loads of hints on this one, assuming that you don’t know it, or that if you do, you would know it without the hints.  see title riddles.).

here are some pictures of my ap english language outfit (if any good comes out of aps, it’s the labeling of my outfits.), from about a week – oh wow, actually, it was just wednesday.  it seems forever ago though.






shoes, Nordstrom | paisley black tights, UO | navy skirt, gap (red) | pink shirt, abercrombie & fitch outlet | plaid shirt, lf | belt, 3rd grade dress code… | pocket watch necklace, aldo accessories | pink hairband, Dajuli Sparkles

also, thanks for commenting on my evil theory post!  i was happy to read everyone’s insights :)

and as you may have noticed, we’re back to the olde theme with the cookie header.  it was just cosier and i’m willing to sacrifice the larger pictures for it.


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