container store fun for my room

the container store had a sale for college shopping. i didn’t get dorm things, but things for my current room. they even match!

letter holder

trash bin

magnetic container for my dry erase board


baking m&m cookies

this summer, i’ve been passing the time trying out some recipes from this wonderful book, which includes recipes for any cookie you’ll ever want to bake (and that includes biscuits, not just britishly). my first experiment was the m&m sheet cookie:

advice: keeping in touch

i’m the kind of person who loves routine. i wake up at 7 every morning and go to bed at 11:30. a new part of my routine that i would recommend to everyone is to sit down at some point every day and respond to everyone who has contacted you: emails, facebook posts, cards, letters…

i’ve found that the main root of stress is letting other people down. responding quickly and appropriately makes me feel better for having the task out of the way and for being a good correspondent :) i’m also the kind of person who loves writing, especially snail mail, so it’s a relaxing way to remove stress from my day.

for thank you notes in particular, i found this helpful guide.

for handwritten notes it helps to have lovely stationery:

for typed notes, it helps to listen to upbeat music:

the kids are all right

tonight i went to a screening of the kids alright, a new dramatic film about family and love. i’d recommend you see it if you have the opportunity (it’s limited screening). it’s thought-provoking and quite funny.

additionally, i got this tasty little cookie.

my outfit for the evening, photographed via iphone, so don’t mind the quality:

bow, darjuli sparkles | necklace, plasticland | dress, forever 21 | belt, my mom’s | tights, urban outfitters | shoes, primark

who do you write like?


I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

the piece i used was an excerpt from a vingettey story about third graders on field day, so i guess it analyzed style over content :)

Edit: My formal writing is like David Foster Wallace and my blog posts are like James Fenimore Cooper, who was a “prolific and popular American writer of the early 19th century” (thanks wikipedia). So my the prose you read on this blog is like the 1800s. Mission accomplished.

same blog, revamped

hello :) i’ve decided to revamp my blog to more truly represent my personal style, which, as the new title indicates is what i call fluffy + edgy. i created a polyvore collage for the occasion (click for larger size):

fluffy + edgy

after perusing the web for some style inspiration, i found many bloggers whose styles i love, but none whose style emulates mine. at first i was frustrated, but then i decided that it’s a positive thing as it shows that my personal style is truly my own. i’m going to devote more space on this blog to expressing the girly, rock ‘n’ roll, geek chic elements of my style, with my signature bow on top.