dinosaur t-shirts are so in

I heart dinosaurs. Lately they’ve been all the rage as the subject of graphic tees. yes!

T-Rex Hates Push-Ups (Delias):

“I love you this much!” “That’s not very much.”(Delias):

Poor brontosaurus. Also note that this is designed for toddlers. (Threadless):

Herbivore. *represent* (Zazzle):

and finally…


Now I don’t really buy t-shirts because I only need about two and I have more than that. But for dinosaurs? If an exception were to be made it would be for those lovable critters.


i want to sleep beneath the stars

every night i open my front door (thanks, logan, for reminding me to do this). although it is a daily ritual, still i manage to be surprised to feel the comforting summer air, to see the purply dark sky, and if i’m lucky, those gleaming pinpricks that are the stars. despite the amount of time i spend at r.e.i., or hearing about various friends and bloggers heading out to the woods for the weekend, it is these couple of minutes each day that cause me to crave camping. the midnight trail challenge and spontaneous stargazing in the field in outdoor adventure. the tent my family would set up in the backyard for fun. even the nights when i had a lot of homework and decided to sit outside on the roof with a flashlight to make writing assignments more interesting.

this image has been one of my favorites in my iPhoto library ever since i saw it on the everyday minimalist. oh i would love to live here.