that promise made up for all your faults. and the promise i gave you made up for mine.

thanks to i can track my 2010 resolutions!

1. postpone certain procrastinatory activities until homework is complete
2. find more breakfast food options
3. expand my cooking repertoire

4. distribute holiday presents/cards in a timely manner

5. come up with some sort of exercise routine

6. give myself a weekly allowance of $10

7. read 50 new books <— this is my main one

8. see 10 plays

9. watch 43 movies

10. get training in shakespearean acting

11. visit 10 museums/aquariums/historic sites

12. consistently put nerdfighter notes in john green books at bookstores

13. post on my blog more regularly

14. attend 10 concerts

15. reread through the potter series

happy new year! what are your resolutions?


roll me away tonight

hello. it is late (1:11 am. am i allowed to make a wish? probably not. although technically, the 11:11 on which i usually wish is also 22:11, so maybe 1:11 am is better after all. who knows.) and i’m on reserve battery power.

it’s been one of those nights in which i felt quite tired and quite ready to fall right asleep, but then i  felt suddenly restless. tonight it was probably from watching 20 essential vlogbrothers videos, which wake me up because they make me think. i was also extremely excited to rediscover an old youtube favourite of mine (missxrojas) in a nerdfighters happy dance montage of all places. i recognized her blue walls and harry potter posters, and weirdly enough i was just thinking of her yesterday because of her video about baking a cake to celebrate having 300 subscribers, because i too was baking, well, several cakes (you’ll see).

anyway, the whole ordeal got me thinking about the thrill of rediscovering old things. the main one for me has been harry potter. i have been an avid harry potter fan for nearly ten years now, and if there were some sort of chart representing the amount of time i spend obsessing over various things, harry potter would most definitely take the win. i do sink in and out of obsessions, but harry potter returns most frequently, usually over long lonely summers. well this summer i reread all of the potters except the seventh, so i decided that during my winter holiday i would listen to the seventh on audio while i tidy my room. and it has been amazing. harry potter is that family to which i can return at any point and always feel welcome. it’s sort of like when i listen to the audiobooks on an airplane, fall asleep, and wake up again not realizing that i had missed several tracks while sleeping because i have practically memorized the text. it’s something that i just know.

and as i was reminiscing i thought that it seemed suitable to post this on my blog, another treasure that i tend to abandon for long stretches of time and then return to for long stretches of time. i’m going to really try to post more often and more insightfully (apparently not a word), just as i have been making an effort to spend more quality time with harry and to write more lengthy entries in my daily journal than just ‘hello, i am sleepy, goodnight,’ or something similar.

but now that i have madly scribbled this down,

i am sleepy, goodnight.

trio of love songs

i’m trying to get more in the habit of posting often, and of adding variety to what i post, since it’s been a bit formulaic lately. so today i shall share with you my favourite poem, the second in a trio of love songs by sylvia plath.

My love for you is more
athletic than a verb,
agile as a star
the tents of sun absorb.

Treading circus tightropes
of each syllable,
the brazen jackanapes
would fracture if he fell.

Acrobat of space,
the daring adjective
plunges for a phrase
describing arcs of love.

Nimble as a noun,
he catapults in air;
a planetary swoon
could climax his career,

but adroit conjunction
eloquently shall
link to his lyric action
a periodic goal.

is this a poem about love or about language?

staying back and watching me shine

the last time i posted, i wished i were there. i just got back. i wasn’t expecting to go, but as always, it was magical.

this is the view from my window. it’s the museum of the history of science and the sheldonian theatre, both on broad street :)

the whole city was decorated elegantly for christmas. i’ve always loved this corner, the cornmarket entrance to golden cross. it looks even better with strings of lights. the sky was actually blue so i took advantage of the oddly welcoming weather.

this is cornmarket street from queen street. more lights and more fluffy clouds. lots of christmas shoppers too.

a picture of broad street, star of my previous post. lovely red tourist bus to complete the image…

unfortunately my best picture of the cornmarket decorations is in front of the burger king.

i had to photograph the snape-themed advertisement for the new half-blood prince dvd. it seems that every time i visit there is a new release in the potter world.

a lovely display from one of my favourite shops, aspire. i want to live in it! here is the display of the post-themed accessories. i received the carpet bag as an early christmas present :) also, apparently when one photographs a mirror, one appears in said mirror in the resulting image.

a christmas tree adorning the lovely blackwells.

one of the best pictures i’ve ever taken, partially thanks to the uncharacteristically sunny sky (and mostly thanks to luck). the iconic image of oxford :)