the great thing about running in the evening with an iphone

is finding things like this to photograph and being able to do so on the spot.


sparkly things and some pretty rocks

the lobby at the cosmopolitan hotel, las vegas

the lobby at the bellagio

hard rock café, the strip, las vegas

the pat tilman memorial bridge, from the hoover dam

red rocks at red rock canyon

silly sisters at the grand canyon

the mountain view from the car

bazinga lunch boxes, sheldon and howard bobble heads, and soft kitties

HALLOWEEK: Halloweeny Photography of Stuff Around Me

My Halloweeny nails, displayed in Bear Claw position


themed cupcakes from The Cake Shop


feeling witchy with autumn leaves in the Fellows' Garden


I made a hairclip out of a White Stuff ad that I turned into a pumpkin. And those are *Halloweeny* pears. Because I said so.


from my bedroom window - the house across the street looked particularly spooky this morning.


as did the field during my run...


less spooky, but still autumny :)


Halloween cookies!