hey guess what i’m home and GOAL-LESS (sort of)

Thank you, little Delta screen, for illustrating my journey so blurrily!

I actually love my 7-8 hour flight home because it gives me time to reflect, plan, and watch free movies. I made a list of goals, and am currently in the process of destroying that list.

Wait what? Yes. Destroying my to do list. As satisfying as it is to check things off every day, without that pleasure, I find value and joy in the things themselves. It wasn’t a goal to wake up before six every morning (thanks, England time), but I do, and I love it, so I have continued.

Turning some goals into habits is easier than others. I do my Rosetta Stone as early as possible in the morning because I know I’ll keep putting it off otherwise, but when I do actually do it I feel accomplished. Coursework is harder to incorporate because it’s unpredictable and time-consuming.

My little secret to somewhat success: identify pit-falling habits and avoid them. Watching TV. Playing the Sims. Eating sugar. These seemingly harmless activities spiral into a time-sucking energy-draining loop. In some cases it’s easier to not start than to stop.

Off to my early morning of productivity. Cheerio! (I need to stop saying “cheers” in this country…)



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