2 steps to daily improvement

I have tried various self-improvement techniques. Adopting Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project. Creating an account on HabitForge. Following Leo Babauta’s advice to start with one goal at a time.

These methods worked for me temporarily, but I ran into problems with each. Instead I found my own solution that has been working for me for a few weeks that I think carries the potential to last me even longer.

It’s very simple.

At the beginning of each day, I open my planner and write two things at the bottom:

1. :)

2. :(

Following my simple happy and sad faces are reflections on the previous day:

1. :) My greatest success

2. :( My weakest area that needs improvement

Throughout the day I focus on maintaining the best and improving the worst. Although my “worst” has repeated, it has yet to do so in consecutive days. Likewise, without meaning to do so, I have consistently managed to have a unique “best” each day while still maintaining the “best” from the previous day.

My method involves daily resolutions that balance the positive and negative, and overall, encourage improvement, the potential of each day.


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