Food Review: Atomic Burger Breakfast

At afternoon tea with Sara the other day she said that she loves Midnight in Paris because it reminds her of why she is her and likes the things she likes. And I was like, yes. That film does that, and that is what draws me to it so much that I’m considering seeing it in cinemas for the third time.

Atomic Burger, one of my favorite local restaurants in Oxford, provides the same feeling of comfort and understanding – dining there feels very Midnight in Paris-worthy me. This morning David and I enjoyed our first Atomic Burger breakfast experience. They have actual American pancakes – a rarity in the UK, and frustratingly so, as “pancakes” often means “crepes” here. Just…no! – so obviously we had to try them.

Atomic Burger is like a more genuine Disney World. It’s like Comic Con in foodie form. (David and I were so consumed by nerd culture that we had to watch The Big Bang Theory afterwards to fulfill the need to act as we ate.).

Since we were the first to arrive, promptly at 10am opening (still a late breakfast for me, but it was so worth the wait), we got our choice of any table. So we chose the one beneath Spider-Man.

The tables are simple but oh so casual comfort food cool.

And the menus is just as fun. All of the dish names refer to pop culture, and I seriously factor these names into my ordering process. David and I both went for Peanuts-inspired dishes: the Charlie Brown Buttermilk Pancakes and the Snoopy & Woodstock Pancakes.

While we waited for the food to arrive, we were entertained by the collection of nerdtastic stuff surrounding us and the TV screen that played clips from iconic films. Including The Jungle Book.

I also ordered a banana milkshake, which arrived with a curly straw and was SO PERFECTLY DELICIOUS. Definitely ordering it again. Look how happy I am.

And then the pancakes arrived. I hadn’t had proper pancakes in MONTHS so this was a momentous occasion.

Mmmm. They certainly served the purpose of fulfilling my long-term craving for pancakes. The portion size is also refreshingly manageable, which surprised me considering the massive burger portions, and the restaurant’s infamous Godzilla Challenge (which I WILL complete, and soon, in the veggie variety). I personally prefer fluffier pancakes, but these were nonetheless Tasty Tuesday-tastic.

Atomic Burger is quiet in the morning, although the staff is friendly and engaging as usual, and the atmosphere still shines through, even without the restaurant’s characteristic evening buzz of overcrowded chatter. The perfect way to start my work week, I’m definitely becoming a regular at the fantastic nostalgic Atomic Burger.


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