Hello again!

Last week became busy to the extent that blogging became a chore, so in the interests of preserving its enjoyment, I took a few days off. This morning’s tutorial ended my crazy work week, and to celebrate, I decided to take the rest of the day off coursework to relax and cross items off my piling to do list.

I was tempted to plan out the day at several points, but I let each temptation pass, instead agreeing to spontaneous Christmas decoration shopping, spontaneous fairy light-purchasing, and lots of spontaneous guitaring, singing, and, unfortunately, coughing (but also laughing).

On top of the day’s unexpected enjoyments, I took out my sewing kit and mended some of my clothing, and packaged up some online shopping for returns. These are the little tasks that lurk in the back of my checklisty mind every time I open my wardrobe or reach for a book on my shelf – the little constant reminders that there are more things to do that I haven’t done.

No longer! Very little is as satisfying as crossing items off a list, especially items that have been queuing for a while.

And now I have fairy lights to show for it. Even if there aren’t very many.



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