HALLOWEEK: Outdoor Adventure Nostalgia

Autumn is my favorite season. The leaves. The smell. The air. The rock climbing.


Oh. Yes. Because at Nobles, Autumn meant Outdoor Adventure. And Outdoor Adventure meant kayaking and climbing and camping and cookies.

Another big thing at Nobles is Halloween. Pretty much everyone dresses up. One year there was a group of about fifty of us, faculty included, as Harry Potter characters (I was Severus of course. I don’t know why I said “of course,” because the year before I was Minerva, and for several years in a row in middle school I was Hermione.). At the end of the Nobles Halloween day (it was always a Friday), we adventurers would head out to Quincy Quarries, some of us still in costume.

So even though Outdoor Adventure doesn’t really have much to do with Halloween (except some creepy midnight hikes), it will always be part of the Halloween season for me, and part of the reason why Autumn holds such fond memories for me.


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