HALLOWEEK: Candy-Eating Confusion


I haven’t eaten candy in a long time. Removing candy from my diet wasn’t really a conscious decision; I just didn’t have immediate access to it and didn’t go out of my way to get it. As part of Halloweek, however, I decided to eat some candy to celebrate. On Sunday I had a toffee apple (yeah I’m going to count that). On Monday I had some Cadbury buttons. On Tuesday I had a Mars bar.

I thought that since I hadn’t had candy in such a long time my taste buds would thank me immensely. Instead, my teeth screamed at me and my taste buds were under-enthusiastic.  The toffee was so sweet that I was more excited about the apple. The buttons were a bit dry and flavorless. The caramel in the Mars bar was overwhelming.

I guess months of incorporating plain apples and pumpkin seeds into my snacking diet have made candy taste just as unappealing to me as soda does. Believe me, I never thought this would happen.

Especially because I eat my fair share of sugar, in the form of baked goods, ice cream, and hot chocolate. I still like cookies, perhaps a bit too much, but, though it baffles me, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to candy.

Delicious iced cookie I ate today from Nash’s Bakery :)


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