How to Combat a Cold Part 1: Necessary Items to Carry

When I start to show symptoms of a cold, my mind goes to checklist mode. A combination of relying on my health for singing and just really really not liking being sick has motivated me to find the best ways to combat illness.


When I have a cold, the following items live in my bag:

  • nasal spray – works wonders. can’t recommend enough.
  • tissues – I prefer to blow my nose at a sink, but sometimes tissues are necessary on the go.
  • water bottle – this is always in my bag anyway, but it is important to keep it filled when I have a cold.
  • Advil – or Paracetamol or Tylenol…I can’t tell the difference, to be honest. I take no more than two per day and it does make my head feel better. It also makes my jaw feel better when the muscles are used strangely for coughing and nose-blowing.
  • lotion – any hand or face lotion will do. My skin gets dry around my nose, which, among being painful, prevents me from smiling and laughing normally, which makes me sad.
  • hand sanitizer – keep the germs off your hands.
  • cough drops – for when my throat is unbearably dry.
  • fruit – preferably something juicy like grapes, also to cure dry throats.
  • layers – they say that the cold doesn’t give you a cold. But it does make you more vulnerable. And uncomfortable. So better to be prepared.

Have I left out anything you would consider essential for cold-combatting?



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