I Love Long Journeys

When I’m at home in America, cars are annoying required for pretty much any outing from my house, from grocery store shopping to seeing fabulous theatre productions. These ten to forty minute car journeys eat up time in my day and aren’t too enjoyable.

But when I live in Oxford, I can get nearly everywhere by foot or bike, so when I do take a long train or bus or car ride, it is long. These journeys, the ones over an hour and a half, are thrilling. For one, I feel doubly productive if I do work on them, since it feels like working when it’s not required. It feels as if nothing is required, in fact – allowing a sense of timeless carefree existence to chat with fellow travelers or zone out and spend quality time with my ipod.

During these journeys I feel productive by doing the minimal amount of productive activity. It’s bonus time, extra credit time – time to relax and enjoy the ride.


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