Food Structures My Day

Sometimes my workspace looks so picturesque I have to take a picture. At Oxfork I suppose it’s difficult to defy the picturesque. Check out those plates.

Joshua from The Minimalists suggests this mantra:

Food is not entertainment, it is nourishment.

As much as I tried to adopt this mantra, I’ve accepted that I can’t. Food is entertainment for me. But that doesn’t mean that health and entertainment cannot complement each other. I read about nutrition for fun. I prefer savoring an elegant appetizer to snacking on a bag of crisps in front of the tv (although I do have a bowl of museli with my morning dose of YouTube…). I love trying new recipes and paring down the butter and cheese to just the amount I need.

When I have a day of studying ahead of me, I must still break for food, so naturally these breaks make the food enjoyable, something to look forward to. I aim to eat exactly what I truly crave and need, not too much or too little. It isn’t always easy, but I try to focus on enjoying food, bite by bite. Delicious.


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