great articles on how to be healthy

We all want to do it. Here are some informative articles on transitioning to a healthier life.

Minimalism is Health: How I Lost 70 Pounds | The Minimalists

  • Joshua Fields Millburn makes the distinction between “should” and “must.” I took his advice yesterday morning and made running at 8am a “must.” I’ve only just started, but following this “must” empowers my day.

How I Changed My Life, In Four Simple Lines | Zen Habits

  • It seems to be impossible to read anything by Leo Babauta that isn’t life-changing. This is no exception. It’s not just about health, but provides some tips on how to get started with running and eating healthier.

Road to Health Series | Oh She Glows

  • These posts are old, but I continue to return to them for health inspiration. Angela Liddon is a nutritionist health blogger who struggled with the very things she teaches us to do. Her story is a real example of how it’s possible to rebuild your health habits and glow.

Why I Train | Eliz Climbs

  • In this brief article one of my favorite climbing bloggers gives her simple reasons for staying fit. Clear away the distracting ideals and focus on the important reasons to be healthy.

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