Digital Minimalism: Just One Blog

Blogging daily has made my life more structured and more simple. Even though I added a large commitment, the consistency that comes with it makes the task of writing more manageable and enjoyable.

One part I haven’t enjoyed, however, is connecting all of my different blogs: linking to a little minimalist every monday, quoting my climbing posts on xandra the adventuress on tumblr…it makes more sense to have Just One Blog.

At first I shied away from having one blog because certain topics seemed too specific to appeal to general readers. However, as I’ve started to do my themed posts, on many occasions I’ve had to stop myself from combining the different topics – minimalism and climbing, minimalism and food, climbing and photography…

All of these aspects of my life have more in common than just me. They relate to each other, and well, it makes sense that I like them as a group when they do overlap.

So the minimalist in me urges me to stick to this one source instead of linking you all over my little corner of the internet. From now on, all posts will be here (except my culture diary), available in categories via the drop down menu. easier. simpler. cozier.i’m free, i’m freeee!

(archives of a little minimalist are still available)


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