If I Were in Friends, I Would Be…

My favorite thing about stories is the characters. The films, books, and television shows that stand out to me do so because of the characters with whom I identify, love, hate, and wish to befriend. I love to examine the characters and choose who I would be. So I thought it would be fun to start a little series in which I do just that, starting with one of my favorite shows ever: Friends.

[tangent: you know how when you look at a word for a while it looks REALLY weird? That’s happening for me now with the word “friends.” What a WEIRD word!]

There’s a bit of me in all the characters in all six of the Friends. I have Chandler’s bad humor. Ross’s nerdy devotion to dinosaurs. Rachel’s love of fashion. Joey’s love of food. But it comes down to Monica and Phoebe.


Bossy control freak who organizes for fun. Who loves to cook and can be annoyingly competitive. Hey, when it comes to fooseball I don’t see a problem with that. There are moments during Friends, such as the one when she is “having her fun” by saving the wrapping paper after a party, when I’m scream back at her “I KNOW!”


She’s known on the streets as “Weird Girl.” She plays guitar (sorta) and writes songs (sorta) just like me. She’s an animal-loving vegetarian who wears strange clothes and says strange things and tries to prefer quirky antiques to Pottery Barn but sometimes Pottery Barn stuff is gorgeous.

I can’t decide. Help me out by voting in my poll, and post in the comments who you would be :)


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