It Was An Awesome Week

A month of no commitments or plans, and then a week with two major excursions and a whole lot of awesome, just in time for term to begin. This is why this week was as awesome as this mug:

  • My mommy visited me!
  • three afternoon teas in three days
  • a play in West End and a film in cinematastic Leicester Square
  • spontaneously finding Muji and All-Saints in London
  • and finally finding The Perfect Winter Coat at All-Saints
  • pretty much a whole day spent exploring Harrods
  • three days of fantastic climbing with fantastic people in fantastic weather
  • and I learned trad
  • Gossip Girl came back, fulfilling my fashion needs.
  • An amazing restaurant opened on Turl Street and I had an unintentional three course meal because it was so delicious.
  • an inspiring meeting with creative OTR people who energize me with theatrical enthusiasm
  • Gilmore Girls Season 2 on DVD arrived in my pidge.
  • farmers’ market local tastiness this morning
  • stuffed roasted peppers at Magic Café at my Saturday-ly visit for the live music
  • last-minute Pegasus volunteering in which I got to work in the café (I love the hustle and bustle of cafés. And theatres. Win win.)
  • I finished writing my EP, Tales of Unrequited Love. Stay tuned.
  • Friends are arriving in Oxford tomorrow!

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