Am I Qualified to Write About [Climbing]?

Of all the topics I’ve covered this week, climbing has been the most intimidating to approach (erm, no pun intended). This is because, although I love climbing, although it is a major part of my life, I am no expert. What can I possibly have to offer on the subject?

I went through a similar road of insecurity with theatre writing. I didn’t write a single review last year, and at first it was completely due to my lack of confidence as a writer and critic. Thanks to lots and lots of theatregoing and discussing, and to the support of EdFringeReview, which encourages everyone to share opinions, emphasizing that there is no One Right Opinion when it comes to drama, I have overcome these insecurities. Now I am a confident theatre critic, and it makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Once I let go of the worries that my opinions might be Wrong, I began to have more of them, and more interesting ones.

It’s silly for me to face this insecurity again, when I seem to have recently overcome it – I did some climbing all through high school, and even brought my shoes with me when I first came to university. But it took me about six months to take those shoes to the climbing gym. Why? A lot of it had to do with insecurity – not knowing how experienced everyone else would be, not knowing if climbing is completely different in this country (only a little bit)…ultimately, it was important enough for me to face these fears and just go. Which is what I will do again now.

So here, in my first post about climbing, I have come clean: I don’t completely know what I’m doing. But that doesn’t make what I have to say worthless – and this I say to convince myself as much as I do to convince you (or probably more to myself actually).

Another piece of encouragement came from a passage in the Iffley Bouldering Guide:

…one of the most exciting things in recent times has been seeing so many people becoming enthusiastic about problems at their own level

And I am here to write about my experiences at my own level, because I’m not the only 5.8er who barely knows how to lead climb.

[[And okay, that’s probably the most climbing-y thing I’ve said and will say in this post – another challenge with this topic. Some things I have to say about climbing probably only make sense to climbers, but some things, like the things in this post, are applicable to other areas of life. These kinds of posts will go here on Fluffly + Edgy. When I write about something more climbing-specific, it will go straight to Xandra the Adventuress]]

The point: I am qualified to write about climbing because the great thing about writing, about blogging, is that there are no qualifications necessary. So I will boldly offer advice from my experiences, and today’s advice is: write about something that you love. I’m sure you have something awesome to say, and I’d like to hear it :)


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