links i like this week

  • Lady Gaga, simple, elegant, fashionable.

What do you suggest for those of us who don’t have a tiger mom, but…based on the apparent outcome..want a tiger parent? How can I get more disciplined without a tiger mother?
The key word there is “apparent.” But okay, here’s my somewhat weird advice: go running every day. Even when it’s humid or raining or you are really busy. I’m not naturally fast or strong; running is by far my biggest source of self-discipline, and it helps in other aspects of my life. I ran a half-marathon this spring – it was really stupid of me, actually, I did it spontaneously between my morning and afternoon physics classes with no training – and since then, whenever I’m tempted to quit something, I tell myself, “Stop whining. You’ve done something infinitely more painful.”

  • Superstar Style Rookie Tavi started Rookie, an online publication for teens. This post is so retro cool and in particular I want this outfit. Rock on, Drew.

Can’t get enough of this chilled version of “Single Ladies” by Sara Bareilles. Thanks to my awesome music guru sister for sharing :)

  • Plinky. Answer interesting questions. Read other people’s answers to interesting questions. Think about stuff. This is my profile, but with daily posts here I’m not sure how often I’ll be writing :)
  • If you live in the UK and like tasty healthy snacks that are FREE sign up for! They’ll send your first box free and customize it to your taste and provide you with a range of nutrients in each box. Then you can get boxes as often as you like, customizable on the site. Super tasty! I might have a snack now. And if you want to help me gain credit, use the code GGZZ8DB when you request your free box :)
  • My new blogger obsession is Gala Darling. A fluffy + edgy goddess with amazing advice, such as How To Live a Beautiful Life.
  • Best Procrastination Tip Ever from Zen Habits. It works.
  • Jane from Sea of Shoes always looks fabulous, but last week she was rocking my fave, Miu Miu. Check out these shoes:

    Old School School Supplies from College Candy. So. Much. Nostalgia. I want some gel pens and Lisa Frank and I want them now.

    What links did you like this week? :)


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