site makeover + announcement!

The Problem, Part 1: I seem to spend my whole week thinking of things to blog about, itching to write posts, but reminding myself that I should post as consistently as possible, so my ideas should wait until Saturday. Then Saturday comes around and I forget to post! oh noo!

The Problem, Part 2: I have so many blogging personae. That makes sense, since I am more than just a minimalist or just a climbing girl, or just a theatregoer…you get it. I want to participate in the online communities for many things I love, but it’s overwhelming to be all over the place.

You ready?


I will post here, on fluffy + edgy…Every. Single. Day.

I love blogging, and I want to keep it up, and I think this will be easier to do if I make it a daily habit. Now to make that easier, I have a plan: THEMED DAYS OF THE WEEK!

Ready for more? Here’s your fluffy + edgy daily post schedule!

*WARNING* the following bullet point headers may contain cheesy and/or alliterative and/or punny titles.

  • A LITTLE MINIMALIST MONDAYS ~ I have a blog devoted to minimalism. It’s called a little minimalist. Every Monday I’ll post something there about how to be a minimalist or why minimalism is great, or, as perhaps you’re wondering, what minimalism is (besides awesome) :)
  • TASTY TUESDAYS ~ I love food. Cooking it, eating it, decorating it, photographing it when it arrives at a restaurant. So every Tuesday will have something tasty involved in one way or another, I promise.
  • WHAT I LIKE WEDNESDAYS ~ I constantly update dodgy’s culture diary, my tumblr log of books I read, films I see, plays I attend, albums I listen to. On Wednesday I will write about something that’s inspired me in those categories. Now this title is a bit vague, isn’t it? If you have a better idea, I’d like to hear it (please).
  • THOROUGHLY ADVENTUROUS THURSDAYS ~ I post daily reblogs and link-shares on xandra the adventuress, my tumblr devoted to climbing and general adventuring. Each Thursday I’ll post something original here and reblog it there (Did my syntax remind anyone else of the Grinch just there?).
  • PHOTO FRIDAYS ~ Guess what this day is for? Did you say “original photography?” Well you are correct. I’ll post a photo or two, or maybe more, or maybe some fashion photography if I’m feeling that kind of creative.
  • SUPER AWESOME SATURDAYS ~ Saturday is for Xandra randomness like this post! Reflections, lists, rants, musings, videos, quotation-sharing, pretty pictures. You know, the usual inexplicable thoughts that end up here.
  • SHARING SUNDAYS ~ I will post links to my favorite posts from other bloggers. It’s the day I’m devoting to others, since all the other days are quite Xandra-based, so if you have something you would like to share, like a guest post or video or just whatever, let me know!

There you go! I hope you’re as excited about the new schedule as I am. Please share if you have suggestions or comments or creative ideas~they’re always welcome :)

Have a super awesome Saturday!


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