7 Places I Want to Visit

These are seven places I have yet to experience. Another day I’ll do a “7 Places I Want to Revisit,” which is why some cities aren’t on here.

1. Paris, France

screenshot from "Paris, Je T'Aime"

I love French food. I love French art. I love French music. I love berets. And my fictional [and real] friends seem to be hanging out there. You know, Ginny. Anna. Etienne. Even Abby Hayes! I’ve wanted to go for ages.

2. Telluride, Colorado

Photo by Sasha Stone, Awards Daily

I have wanted to go to Colorado for a while because of the mountains, but Sasha Stone’s Telluride Film Festival diary has persuaded me that this is the town to check out. It balances epic and charming. How fluffy + edgy :)

3. Saariselka, Finland

Hotel Kakslauttanen

I’ve wanted to see the northern lights, and after reading Bed in Tree, I discovered Hotel Kakslauttanen. Yes, I would like to sleep in a glass igloo, please. And no, I’m not looking at the prices…

4. Patagonia (Argentina & Chile)

from Tumblr

I was looking for Patagonia the outdoor clothing brand and instead the internet led me to this beautiful place. I’ve been obsessed ever since.

5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, from uh, Google.

I think I saw it in a John Green video. And it was in 13 Little Blue Envelopes and such. Then I spent about forty minutes at the airport there on my way to Scotland, and it was my first non-UK European city. Technically. It’s pretty.

6. Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii ruins and Vesuvius

I want to go to Italy in general, and because of my Latin studies, Pompeii is distinguished in my mind. It doesn’t even come up on the “top twelve cities to visit in Italy” but since when have I been conventional? Of course I want to visit Rome and everything, but more because It’s Rome than for any specific reasons.

7. Tokyo, Japan

Seibuen Yuenchi theme park

Japan, home of my role model, Hello Kitty! Although, you know what? Technically, Hello Kitty is English, born and raised in London! But okay, cartoon cats aside (no matter how awesome they may be), Tokyo is something that can be described. It can be viewed. But it needs to be experienced.


So where do you want to visit?


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