dinosaur t-shirts are so in

I heart dinosaurs. Lately they’ve been all the rage as the subject of graphic tees. yes!

T-Rex Hates Push-Ups (Delias):

“I love you this much!” “That’s not very much.”(Delias):

Poor brontosaurus. Also note that this is designed for toddlers. (Threadless):

Herbivore. *represent* (Zazzle):

and finally…


Now I don’t really buy t-shirts because I only need about two and I have more than that. But for dinosaurs? If an exception were to be made it would be for those lovable critters.


2 thoughts on “dinosaur t-shirts are so in

  1. Love the raptor hoodie. But my favorite is probably “I love you this much/that’s not much” tee because it riffs so brilliantly on the tons of schmaltzy love picture books that are published each year.

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