excerpts from my journal

i have been keeping a journal since i was 11 years old. daily, since i was about 13. i think i’m on my 26th book or something. i only have two with me at the moment, and forgot to number them. people ask what i write about. the answer is, anything. everything. it’s sorta stream of consciousness.

i never let anyone read my journals. not because they’re super secret and private – they are, at times – but because if i knew that people would read them, i would write differently. and i don’t want that. so if i am negligent enough to leave my diary underneath a tree, please be more considerate than the guys from bread.

i was flipping through my most recent journal and found it amusing. i don’t remember thinking a lot of the things i did, let alone remember writing them down. as a thank you in advance for not reading my journals without my permission, here are some sentences from my two most recent journals to give you a sneak peak into the craziness of my mind.


Writing seems more genuine without lined pages.

It would be so cool to make a Sim Beowulf!

Tomorrow will be my actual work day.

Siiiigh cake. I want to sit in a café and read.

I was in the same town as James Franco. I was about 15 feet away from Dan Radcliffe. Again. This weekend wasn’t bad.

And I return to the question. And I don’t think I want to answer. They’re both lovely boys.*

Why am I so lethargic? Well, I haven’t eaten anything. It could be that.

I’m now procrastinating on sleep.

Tomorrow’s Wednesday. Wednesday Zoop!

But hey. I wrote a song and it was swell.

This pen does not agree with this paper. Shame. I like this pen and I like this paper.

I don’t want to break the awesome with a slap of awkward.

I WISH THAT I HAD JESSIE’S GIRL. Not really. I don’t know any Jessies, or any with girls, let alone girls I wish I had. It’s a song.


*Peeta and Gale.


One thought on “excerpts from my journal

  1. HAH. Love it. I’ve also kept a journal–since I was ten–although I can’t make it daily, I feel weird if I don’t write every two or three days-ish. I love reading what other people have written. My best friend and I used to trade journals in middle school. (Also, I amuse myself too.)

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