the photographic reading list

when i find books i want to buy, i photograph them with my phone. just seeing the pictures makes me happy :) maybe i’ll actually buy some of them one day.

bill bryson | notes from a small world | found at borders

lonely planet’s best ever travel tips | found at borders

cami walker | 29 gifts: how a month of giving can change your life | found at borders

how to photograph absolutely everything | found at the concord bookshop

[ironic how blurry this photo is. maybe if i owned the book i would be able to photograph it better :P]

642 things to draw | found at the concord bookshop

encyclopedia of the exquisite | found at anthropologie

anna johnson | savvy chic: the art of more for less | found at anthropologie


One thought on “the photographic reading list

  1. Notes From a Small Island is very good. Bryson’s always funny. I once embarrassed my parents as a small child by reading one of the more inappropriate passages out loud, at the beach, at a high decibel level.

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