instapaper is amazing

leave it to leo babauta to recommend my favourite new online tool, instapaper. it gives me the option to ‘read later.’


often i find articles or people recommend articles and i have every intention of reading them, but at the moment it isn’t convenient. the idea of reading and entire unexpected article is stressful and i end up skimming it, my mind half on something i should be doing instead of skimming it, and that just isn’t fun.


so what i do now is take full advantage of my ‘read later’ button. i now have a collection of articles on instapaper waiting to be read. it’s exciting to scroll through the titles – an entire page that i have already found preliminarily interesting – and pick one out. or to devote time to reading several at once. i even spend time searching for articles sometimes when i want to find something interesting, but not necessarily read it in detail until later.


i also love instapaper’s ‘text’ feature that eliminates distracting columns and ads, stripping down the article to mere text. it allows me to focus on the words and the article and read better :)


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