find things to miss

it’s not until i leave a place that i come to appreciate little things i like about it. i’m not talking about missing people, because i always know that will come. but little things i miss about home, like my pillows and picturebooks, my perfectly-functioning sink, my favourite places to eat and just look around, walking through the city in the morning and knowing exactly what’s open and where i should go.

there are of course things that i will miss here – proximity to ben’s cookies and moo-moo’s, the opportunity to see a new play or performance almost every night, or at least a museum – free, the creative little independent shops full of lovely things, never being limited by a lack of transportation – beautiful walks just steps away.

what will you miss?


One thought on “find things to miss

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Three months ago I moved from Australia to China, & I was surprised at some of the things I’ve started to miss – like decent plumbing, being able to drink water straight from the tap, going out in public without being stared at all the time for being white… but it’s those things that make this journey so enlightening, & they will also make my return home just that much more magical :)

    Enjoy your journey :) xo

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