a hodgepodge of things

1. i found this wonderful sum up of white space from zen habits:

By using white space in our lives, we create space, balance, emphasis on what’s important, and a feeling of peace that we cannot achieve with a more cramped life.

2. today i am leaving for england.

3. i’m a bit bothered by the fact that this blog doesn’t really have any direction, but is just, well, a hodgepodge of things. but i also don’t want to limit myself to only one type of post. i feel as if i am a part of so many blogging communities, but it also doesn’t feel quite right. any advice?

4. i love the idea of a digital sabbatical. it doesn’t suit my lifestyle at the moment as i will need the internet for university studies, and most importantly, to keep in touch with friends and family abroad through skype. the point of a digital sabbatical is to take more time to interact with people. i might modify the sabbatical to my own needs. i’m putting this idea out there; more details to come when i have a sense of my schedule.

5. i try to balance posts with lots of text to posts with lots of pictures, but i’m going to try to put at least one picture in every post. i’m a visual person and i like to see posts with pictures. it’s a shame that picture books or books with pictures are considered less sophisticated than those without. in fact, i love ‘illustrated editions.’ two i have in my library are

the da vinci code, illustrated edition by dan brown

and shakespeare: the illustrated edition by bill bryson

and if anyone needs convincing on the power of picture books, antoine de saint exupéry’s le petit prince is a true converter.

or go one step further and try the pop-up version :)

images: http://www.bn.com, http://www.6shooter.co.nz, http://www.amazon.com


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