the road to minimalism

here it is: i’ve decided to go minimalist.

i’ve been reading minimalist blogs lately, and the ideas others have suggested made me so happy and made my mind so clear that it seems like a logical choice for me to join in.

without putting a label on it, i’ve always been a bit of a minimalist at heart. when i was little my favourite activity was listening to harry potter on audio and cleaning out my desk drawers. i’ve moved so many times that i have a better appreciation for the value of stuff – i can tell what i need and what i don’t.

right now i’m packing to go to to university abroad, and reading about people who can survive on so little things makes me view packing in a different light. at first i worried about fitting everything into just three bags. now i’m evaluating each item to see what i need. it’s a calming feeling to know that everything you own is useful, necessary, and special.

my packing strategy: fill a large heavy suitcase with bulky but light items (e.g.  floor rugs, fluffy bathrobe). fill large lighter suitcase with heavy things and liquids (e.g. hair products and lush lotions, coats, most of my clothes). fill carry-on suitcase with heaviest and most important items (e.g. books, digital camera, chartreuse, and moose). i’m planning on living in mostly dresses (i packed two pairs of jeans and a handful of tops), but concentrated more on outerwear, given the weather. so a versatile selection of coats, scarves, hats, and gloves. also, tights and jewelry for variety.

the most important parts of my time abroad will be my experiences, the people i meet, and the knowledge i gain. having the right stuff in just the right quantity will keep me happy and prevent me from being distracted over, well, things.

look how cute it is! i would be able to work so well in a simple, yet chic, room like this.



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