american girl tea!

ever since the american girl place opened in natick i have wanted to go to the bistro, and today my mom and i spontaneously decided to have a visit for afternoon tea! many of my fondest childhood memories are from american girl, so it was a thrill to be reminded of all of the wonderfully lovely and educational things i learned from it :)

of course i brought along my doll, ily, whom i acquired at the age of 5, at which point i invented the name ‘ily,’ which is still my favourite name :) thanks, little self. as you can see, she is my ‘look like you’ doll, equipped with glasses and hair bow. i even french braided her hair long ago to make it wavier like mine :)

logan wanted to be photographed too. and my mom says that my outfit matches the doormat.

my tea time outfit.

me: hairbow, details (providence) | collar, tinytoadstool‘s shop | cardigan, korean market – b.b.s | dress, forever 21 | socks, urban outfitters | shoes, urban outfitters – kimchi & blue

ily: glasses, blouse, skirt, sandals, american girl | hair bow, darjuli sparkles :)


One thought on “american girl tea!

  1. Unless you are absolutely anti-doll, I think it is impossible to outgrow the American Girl store. It’s so pretty–an urban fairyland. I take NMD there for lunch every so often, and we have a grand old time. I’ve got at least one facebook album with pics of our first trip to the store in Natick, with NMD and her doll in matching outfits. Love the place!

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