favourite food in san francisco

i have returned from my vacation! there is so much to say – so many adventures and photos and purchases and sights. today i’ll start with the food.

Daily Grill, San Francisco

I had the angel hair pasta pomodoro and it received a perfect score for me (I rate all the food I try in restaurants)! Deliciously tangy with just enough tomato and seasoning.

my family shared the fresh fruit cobbler for dessert. it was also quite good.

Sabella and La Torre, San Francisco (Fisherman’s Wharf)

The clam chowder was my favourite dish. It’s more creamy than other clam chowders I’ve had, which was a plus for me, although I would have liked a bit more potato.

Kara’s Cupcakes, San Francisco (Ghiradelli Square)

My favourite cupcakery! The organic strawberry cream cupcake gets a perfect score from me. Ideal frosting to cake ratio with a tasty decorative flower on top. The cake itself could not be better.

Wipeout, San Francisco (Fisherman’s Wharf)

The carnita burrito is delicious, especially with the rice and that sour cream sauce you can see in the back. A large portion, so I’m glad I shared!

California Café, Palo Alto

An excellent restaurant, although the priciest we attended, but I think that it was worth it. All three cheeses on the cheese plate are delicious – usually you get a couple of weird-tasting cheeses with that kind of dish, but not so here!

though enormous, this taco salad is the best i’ve tasted. It’s just as tasty as it is visually appealing with all the bright colours. the entire dish is doused in taco seasoning at just the right amount that the flavour is pleasing and consistent throughout.

the warm chocolate truffle cake is a delicious delight! it’s a bit rich, but if you’re a chocoholic like myself it is perfect :) the vanilla gelato ice cream is a nice touch.

stay tuned for more trip details :)


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