gotta find me!

i’ve been trying to define my style. on one hand i don’t think that people should be stuck in categories, but on the other i want to be consistent in my personal style, because for one thing it makes collecting items for my closet more easy and efficient.
i’ve decided that there are two styles that i love, and they are ‘romantic’ and ‘geek chic.’ now these two styles don’t necessarily mesh, so i’m trying to think of ways to combine them. i think that the first step is to find nerd glasses, as they make any outfit look more ‘geek chic.’
i suppose the vintage style in general is a little geek, but i want to bring more geekiness into the femininity of it. i’m thinking of going for some bold necklaces, or pairing graphic tees with flouncy skirts. i want to incorporate both sides of my personality but also pull off a nice outfit.

any suggestions? :)


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