resolution update: three months in

my monthly update on new years resolutions:

1. postpone certain procrastinatory activities until homework is complete

this works well if i start working from the start of the day and pretty much plow through. i don’t do well with breaks – they must be quite controlled.

2. find more breakfast food options

over spring break i learned how to make crepes! my favourite breakfast food yet (also works well for a snack). i like putting in nutella and banana slices. i also discovered yogurt with granola.

3. expand my cooking repertoire

break was a great time for cooking. i made baked macaroni & cheese and enchiladas.

4. distribute holiday presents/cards in a timely manner

i’ve still kept up with this, and i have the month of april to find gifts for my may-born friends. i also want to write more letters by the post. i just don’t know enough people who will want to respond in the same manner as much as i love writing them.

5. come up with some sort of exercise routine

i’ve finally settled into a great spring routine. tori and i go climbing every wednesday at the gym, and starting next tuesday we will start bouldering and doing a work out at the school gym. all other weekdays that weather allows i go for a nice bike ride.

6. budget my spending

getting rid of things really put into perspective for me what i need and what i’ll cherish not only in the moment but in the future. i’ve learned that gaining this insight, not limiting dollar amounts, is what’s most effective for my shopping habits.

7. read 50 new books <— this is my main one

see my progress on the 2010 reading tab!

8. see 10 plays

i saw ‘othello’ by actors’ shakespeare project, ‘skin of our teeth’ by the a.r.t., and ‘becky shaw’ at the huntington theatre. i will definitely allot more time to seeing plays after having such great experiences with these!

9. watch 43 movies

last month i only saw masterpiece theatre’s ’emma,’ which is a television series in three parts, but i’m still counting that as a movie.

10. get training in shakespearean acting

my applications are in, and now it’s time to audition!

11. visit 10 museums/aquariums/historic sites

haven’t made any progress on this front in the past month.

12. consistently put nerdfighter notes in john green books at bookstores

i put in about 5 notes at the barnes & noble in boston. they restock quickly!

13. post on my blog more regularly

i was doing so well until about two weeks ago. oops.

14. attend 10 concerts

still no progress.

15. reread through the potter series

i finally finished book 1! slowly working through book 2 although i like to listen to large chunks at once.

in other news, i’ve decided to only use the ‘title riddles’ on select posts in order to not force titles, and to have them be more informative.


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