to die upon a kiss

on wednesday i saw actors’ shakespeare project’s othello. for me, it is always a treat to see actors performing shakespeare, especially after just finishing working on twelfth night, and especially when the actors are so passionate and precise.

my love for this production grew even more after attending othello conversations, a discussion with the actors, director, and two english professors. i love being a part of the audience for such an event because the intensity is so present – i can feel everyone thinking, listening, trying to understand so intently. this electricity, caused by the nature of the conversation itself, was heightened by the three performances that split up the discussion. every word spoken by the actors was precious, and i could feel the audience’s alertness, catching each one. the dimming lights transported the audience into the world of the play, but as discussion unfolded the dimness represented more the world of poetry than that of cypress as we spoke of shakespeare’s world and our own interchangeably.
i left conversations with my head still buzzing with thoughts, jumping into and out of the minds of different characters, admiring the wonder that these words in this tight-knit tragedy from shakespeare are still relevant, urgent today.


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