hello friend!!

today i went grocery shopping at h-mart. koreans never fail to impress with their packaging systems and cuteness:

this is the container for jellies; it also doubles as a piggy bank.

cute little peppers…

cute little sauce dishes…

cute little soup spoons…

cute little bowls.

when i was little, i was obsessed with spottie dottie. i still use my 2nd grade spottie dottie backpack for biking (i even used it today!).

i was also obsessed with thomas, although that was at a younger age. i wish i still had those trains, but i think that they were given away.

even the gift shop cashier sign has a cuddly friend!

i love the fancy cakes at tous les jours, the cake shop in the food court-esque area.

cake with fruit on top. so delicious. so beautiful.

and the breads!


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