time goes by so slowly for those who wait

i have heard many say things along the lines of ‘if only I had more hours in the day…’ and at first i empathized. upon further consideration, however, i found the wish silly. two more hours in the day is staying up until 2am. in the context of a lifetime, a day is insignificant.

during the week, i strive to not waste a minute. i rush to the library after devouring lunch in a minimal amount of time, eager to use the remaining time of my 50-minute lunch period most effectively. when i arrive home around 6:30, i must make the most of the hours to complete the rest of my work. when there is so much to do, i maximize productivity, and it gets done.
when i have only one task to do in an entire day, however, it does not get done, or it gets pushed to the last minute. isn’t that funny?

five minutes crawls when they are the last in a class before the weekend, but they race when they are the last in a timed test. five minutes in a weekend is forgettable, but in a weekday they are invaluable.

days seem stressful, deadlines looming at the end of the evening, but at the end of the day, it’s just another end of another day. there will be many more days and many more deadlines – the cycle doesn’t seem to end. so why wait to do the things you want to do someday, when you have time? you always have time. best spend it the way you want to now.

i most experience timelessness on hiking trips. here are some photos of a trip i took with outdoor adventure a few years ago. the calming mountains, the pouring streams, and the lack of cell phone reception and other reminders of the outside world clear my mind.


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