it’s love, it’s not santa claus

for valentine’s day, mom, julia, and i were going to watch valentine’s day. i’ve never been a huge fan of the holiday, but i could use a nice romantic comedy every now and then.

we should have known, but it was all sold out once we got to the theatre. instead we went to bj’s and bought ‘(500) days of summer’ to watch instead. i also bought ‘the hunger games’ and ‘three cups of tea’ and my mom got me the bbc versions of ‘jane eyre’ and ‘middlemarch’ as a present. i love the bargains at that place.

i took away a lot from ‘(500) days of summer,’ from retro-chic fashion inspiration to thought-provoking questions of love and life.

perhaps this is annoying, or perhaps i’m being lazy, but i don’t want to go into more detail because i really hope that you will see the film and have your own experience without my biases kicking in. if you have seen it, then let’s discuss :)

in other news, i’ve decided to re-decorate my bedroom. this summer (or perhaps this spring?) i’ll be painting most of the walls back to white, leaving two parts light pink, and changing a bold red wall to a deeper shade of scarlet. i’m trying to eliminate clutter, and i’m a bit stuck on how to effectively display my cd collection. i’m hesitant about putting the discs away in neat little boxes because i do want to show the cases, but i also don’t want it to be too messy. any ideas?

p.s. desperately searching for inspiration regarding the cd-organizing matter, i flipped through pages of an old p.b. teen catalogue. for some reason, there is lots of food pictured, particularly plates of delicious looking cookies. that combined with the header for this blog has made me quite hungry.


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