born to be forever

‘practice makes perfect,’ they sometimes say. they being that generic group of people who say things. i caught myself quoting this quip not long ago, and i quickly corrected myself. ‘no it doesn’t, actually,’ i reflected.

certainly sometimes practice can lead to perfection, but often ‘perfection’ is unreachable, and rightfully so, causing us to strive for some unobtainable ideal, and in doing so pushing ourselves and others farther.

ian came up with a mathematical response to the expression ‘practice makes perfect’ with which i quite agree:


One thought on “born to be forever

  1. Hi.
    A Little less than a month ago I was in the states for a short sort of vacation. A Little less than a month ago I went into a Barnes and nobles in Boston MA.
    Today already back at home in Israel, Im sitting at home reading “An Abundance of Katherines”, and as I reached page 149 I found a note that told me I am probably a nerdfighter. It was signed dodgycupcake, and well I just needed to find you and say thanks! you made me smile. Have a great weekend. :)

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