trio of love songs

i’m trying to get more in the habit of posting often, and of adding variety to what i post, since it’s been a bit formulaic lately. so today i shall share with you my favourite poem, the second in a trio of love songs by sylvia plath.

My love for you is more
athletic than a verb,
agile as a star
the tents of sun absorb.

Treading circus tightropes
of each syllable,
the brazen jackanapes
would fracture if he fell.

Acrobat of space,
the daring adjective
plunges for a phrase
describing arcs of love.

Nimble as a noun,
he catapults in air;
a planetary swoon
could climax his career,

but adroit conjunction
eloquently shall
link to his lyric action
a periodic goal.

is this a poem about love or about language?


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