staying back and watching me shine

the last time i posted, i wished i were there. i just got back. i wasn’t expecting to go, but as always, it was magical.

this is the view from my window. it’s the museum of the history of science and the sheldonian theatre, both on broad street :)

the whole city was decorated elegantly for christmas. i’ve always loved this corner, the cornmarket entrance to golden cross. it looks even better with strings of lights. the sky was actually blue so i took advantage of the oddly welcoming weather.

this is cornmarket street from queen street. more lights and more fluffy clouds. lots of christmas shoppers too.

a picture of broad street, star of my previous post. lovely red tourist bus to complete the image…

unfortunately my best picture of the cornmarket decorations is in front of the burger king.

i had to photograph the snape-themed advertisement for the new half-blood prince dvd. it seems that every time i visit there is a new release in the potter world.

a lovely display from one of my favourite shops, aspire. i want to live in it! here is the display of the post-themed accessories. i received the carpet bag as an early christmas present :) also, apparently when one photographs a mirror, one appears in said mirror in the resulting image.

a christmas tree adorning the lovely blackwells.

one of the best pictures i’ve ever taken, partially thanks to the uncharacteristically sunny sky (and mostly thanks to luck). the iconic image of oxford :)


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