listen to the music of the traffic in the city

today i spent some time walking around boston.  it was my favourite kind of weather – cold enough for tights and a jacket, but warm enough to not need a coat and mittens.  i love window shopping; it inspires me.  i was satisfied enough with my two purchases of the day:


i got a used kaiser chiefs album at newbury comics.  i’m back in the habit of getting a new album each week and today i discovered that at newbury comics they let you listen to any used cd before you buy it!


finally in my possession ~ the bronte lace top from free people (and of course, another lovely shopping bag!).  it’s been on my wishlist ever since it graced nearly every page of the catalog coupled with different layers.

i also took some pictures around boston of some pretty things i saw in windows:


a chanel no. 5 window display with suitcases at saks fifth avenue.


the window at item, a shop in the prudential.  i need a nice black leather jacket.  i also love the fading tights in the background.


the new ann taylor line is surprisingly very wearable for my taste!  classy chic.


a display at barnes & noble.  apparently it’s the 70th anniversary of the wizard of oz!  i had an oz obsession as a child, so this was nice to revisit.


anthropologie on boylston street ~ one of my favourite shops.  i not only love the clothing but also the styling of the interior; they always do something funky.  free people too.  i tried on a white peasant blouse and an amazing black vest.  i took a picture in the dressing room to remind myself to revisit them later when i have more money, but i’m not sure if it’s illegal to post a picture of something i didn’t buy (let alone to take it) or anything, so to be safe i’ll keep it on my computer only.


i also wore this pin today, which my grandmother gave me.  she said that her friend brought it back from peru.  so cute and colourful :)


2 thoughts on “listen to the music of the traffic in the city

  1. Newbury Comics has always been a favorite of mine. Although, to be honest, even though there is one near me in the suburbs, it’s just not the same as shopping at either the Boston or Harvard Sqaure locations. Maybe because the suburbs are….well…..kind of suburban. Being in Boston makes everything cooler.

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